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The Blackbridge Series Books 1-8 ebook Bundle

The Blackbridge Series Books 1-8 ebook Bundle

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Books included in the Bundle

Book 1 - Nothing to Fear
Book 2 - Nothing to Gain
Book 3 - Nothing to Hide
Book 4 - Nothing to Lose
Book 5 - Shelter
Book 6 - Shield
Book 7 - Harbour
Book 8 - Protect

Get the entire 8 book Blackbridge series of steamy romantic suspense by R*BY and Vivian Finalist Claire Boston.

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"It’s not often I pick up a romantic suspense novel, but when it’s written by Claire Boston, it becomes a no-brainer. Over the course of eight novels, Ms. Boston has made me a fan of her smart writing, her engaging stories and her likable characters." GoodReads Review

 The small town of Blackbridge, Western Australia has always been a safe, popular holiday destination. But a Christmas stalker signals the start of a series of incidents which suggests there might be a darker undertone to this tight-knit community. This series includes friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, second chance love, single fathers, best friend's brother and other tropes.


Ryan sipped his beer as he forced his thoughts elsewhere. He’d be starting work tomorrow, and Mrs Z had agreed to take care of Felix during the school holidays. Felix would adore playing on the small hobby farm and Mrs Z had promised to introduce him to kids his own age so that when he started school next year he’d have some friends.

He’d made the right decision, bringing Felix here – he was almost positive of it. Paula had become increasingly manipulative, making threats and accusations that made Ryan worry about her mental health, but he hadn’t been able to convince her to seek help. Now she was too far away to hurt either of them.

Felix needed a more stable influence in his life and Ryan could give him that in Blackbridge. Here, he had the Zanettis for support and a decent work roster so he’d be available when Felix needed him. He would be able to make it work. This would be good for Felix.

He hoped.

As he played with the label on his beer bottle, the gravel crunched in front of the cabin. They were a good ten minutes’ drive out of town, so it could only be Hannah. Still, he got to his feet to check. He walked around the cabin as Hannah and her dog passed. “Finished for the night?” he called.

Hannah shrieked and whirled as Joe let out a low growl.

Ryan held up his hands. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

Hannah put a hand on her dog, but he continued to growl. “Did you need something?”

“No. I heard footsteps and was checking it out.”

“Ah, well I’ve finished at the next cabin over and I’m heading home.”

“You walking back to town?”

“No.” She hesitated before she added, “I’ve got a place on the property.”

He hadn’t noticed any other cabins on the drive in. Though he couldn’t see the cabin she’d been working on either. It was as if they were in the middle of nowhere, on their own private property. “Do you need a lift?”

“No!” She took a step back and stuttered. “It’s a-a nice n-night for a walk. I’ll see you later.” Without waiting for a response, she hurried away, almost at a jog, checking over her shoulder before she disappeared from view.

What was wrong with her? She seemed almost scared of him. It made no sense. He had done nothing to threaten her and he was a police officer.

Did she have something to hide?

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